Photos play a major role in every one’s life. Photos are the most major part of all the people of the world. Where ever we go, photos are the one which keep our memory all time with us. There alone give a color to our life, by adding the smile of us in the photos when we look into them and bring our memory back into our heart. All the people love to see the photos that have been taken earlier. Photos are taken in the wedding functions which is the most important one in a person’s life, it is also taken in birthday parties, get together parties, community functions, receptions and many more functions which have been undergoing in our homes. In this way photos are playing a major role in our life.

To make our memories to stay in our mind throughout our life ends, photos are taken. There are special teams who are doing a wonderers job in our life to keep our dreams always with us. They are specially qualified for that purpose alone. They are a special study for photography alone.

Photography is an art. This is the most interesting and tricky art. Out of all the arts, photography is the art which alone adds the beauty to the past moment underwent. Therefore one should feel proud to do this art their professional and career. One can also enjoy their life by undertaking the art of photography as their career. Once the photos are ready, it’s the duty of the photographer to present the photos which has been taken in the album.

Now days, the album are itself taken a separate effort to decorate it. This is because that the albums are the first page of our dream and the past moments. Therefore more importance is given to the album to look gorgeous and stylish. The photos are printers in unique style as according to the varieties that have been there with the photographers. Thus memories hub photography plays a major role in each and every one’s life. This is the major advantage that the people are enjoying from the improvement in the technology.
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Capturing the best moment of your life can not be compromised because of a poor quality camera or recorder. If you do not have an expensive well advance camera with you to capture all your happy moments and worried about the fact, then stop worrying anymore as Movavi photo studio is there to solve all your problems.


With Movavi photo studio, you can edit your photo to such an extent which no other software can do. It is presently the most advanced and amazing user friendly software using which you can change your photo in a click. Movavi photo studio is widely acclaimed software which is not only used by people like you; it has been already well accepted by many professionals and big organizations like Microsoft.

Let us ready some of the features of Movavi photo studio:

  • Easily accessible by anyone
  • You can perform plenty of task in this software like resize, crop, rotate, flip an image with just a click
  • Enhance the quality of a photo changing different parameters like brightness, colors, contrast etc
  • Remove unwanted objects from the photo
  • Easy use of filters
  • Adding captions, Movavi photo studio provides the opportunity of using more than hundred of fonts
  • You can easily save your edited photo in your required file format with easy clicks

The most interesting part is, you can download this software for free directly from the official website of Movavi. Now question comes, how to use the software or rather how to run the software with ease?

First you need to download and install the Movavi photo studio software in your computer. Once it is done, launch the software. Then select the photo you want to edit and insert it into the Movavi software. Then you will see various options in the software and from there choose what editing option you need. After selecting your desired option, initiate the editing task. It will take hardly seconds to complete. Then you will get your edited photo and you can save it in your drive in any file format. You can perform multiple editing task on a single photo using Movavi photo studio.

To have more ideas of Movavi photo studio visit The software is available for free. Movavi is already a trusted name in the industry and used by millions.

wedding-cake-478315_640Weddings are often hugely expensive events, and the wedding industry is worth billions of dollars worldwide. While it may be important to you to create the perfect day, which you will remember for a lifetime and which all of your friends and family will enjoy, it can be easy to go overboard and end up believing you need to have all kinds of expensive trimmings that in reality make no real difference to how special the day is. Equally, when it comes to certain things, you will end up paying far more for them just because they are for a wedding, and businesses therefore charge more, than if you were buying equivalent things for any other kind of party.

If you don’t want to go full on budget with your wedding but would still like to avoid paying over the odds for some of the less noticeable elements, here are three things you can go for budget options on without guests even being aware that not everything at your wedding was lavishly expensive!

The Cake

The cake is a traditional aspect of a wedding, and cutting it is a memorable part of the reception. However, given that wedding cakes cost a small fortune, and are traditionally just fruit cake (which is not expensive to make at all, and can be bought cheaply for things like Christmas), it is clear that turning a simple cake into a pretty wedding centerpiece is what you are paying for. Is that really worth all that money to you? Instead, why not buy a normal cake with white icing (any kind of cake you enjoy!), or create a tiered cake with several of these, and just add some decorations of your own?

The Rings

Yes, you will probably want a beautiful wedding band, considering you intend to wear it for the rest of your life, but if the cost of the wedding is mounting up, there is no harm in getting cheaper symbolic rings in a material like silver or even wood for the big day, and just wear these until you have saved up for the rings you really want at some point in the future. It is usually the engagement ring that attracts the most attention, and nobody besides the bride and groom really look at the wedding bands, so if you cut costs in this way chances are nobody will know!

The Bouquet

Flowers are another area where prices get hiked as they are a traditional, and to many people essential, part of a wedding. However, with even basic flower arranging skills you can create your own lovely wedding bouquet using flowers from your local florists or even the supermarket. An alternative is to use silk flowers, which will also give you a permanent keepsake from your wedding. By doing a DIY bouquet, you can save a small fortune and keep the traditional floral look!

These are just three of the areas you can save money on without the effect of your wedding. If you look at the things you are paying more for as you choose wedding elements, you can almost certainly find more!

Before you just go ahead and choose a caterer for your big event, you may want to consider a few things. Make an informed decision. Do not rush into things. If you are rushing, then you were probably not all that prepared and knowledgeable about the event in the first place. If it really is a last minute notice type of deal, well, you just have to be able to roll with it and see how it all goes. If you do have time on your side, consider the following:

People like to go with organizations that they trust. If you are a catering business with experience then you have a bit more of a reputation to go by. You have proven yourself that you can get things done. Experience speaks volumes, and so do people’s first-hand accounts. To have an outstanding review as a caterer is like having a diamond! For someone else to be a witness, a good testament to what great food and presentation you have is absolutely wonderful. When seeking out an experienced caterer, talk to your friends, ask around, get input on who is good. Word of mouth suggestions are powerful, and trustworthy references. They will likely reference past events they have gone to and possibly are able to recall the name of that caterer. If it was absolutely wonderful in the moment, they may have even picked up a business card while attending that memorable event.

It is all about the food. It is also about the customer service, presentation, first impression, and other aspects, but mainly it is about the food. That is what a caterer is hired for after all. The food matters very much. You need to be careful to select a caterer that meets the dietary needs of the majority. Is the event for a certain group of people that have special dietary needs? This would be something to look for. Do you care about organic or locally grown food? At this time also inquire about how they accommodate large special needs diets like gluten free or no dairy. Look for this while on your quest to find a caterer. Request a tasting, that you might get an idea of what you are paying for.

Looking for a great caterer can be a tough decision. Start online if you need, and look up someone near you, like for a Palo Alto corporate catering event at Stanford.

There are some people who did not have the knowledge about yoga and its benefits. Yoga is an art of practice it is also been practiced by a huge number of people in all over the world. It is the way of approach to get numerous benefits to the person. It helps the person to have a good controlled mind in making their consciousness at the right place and at right time. Some person are really not aware of its uses, they can visit website in order to get more information about it. It is also easy for the person to search in the internet about the uses yoga and where it is been practiced and also the other information’s about it.

In order to search about the places where it is practiced or about any other information one can make use of the internet. Or getting the information from the other persons is a good idea. Yoga is an art where there are no more limitations. It can be practiced by both men and women and it is also practiced by all the age group of people. There is no age limitation for the people to practice yoga. If you are not satisfied by the information that you have received in the internet and other places, you can also get to the information by visiting the yoga centers. Therefore you can able to get more information about yoga.

Regular Practice Results More Benefit

Going for regular practice in training yoga one can make themselves beneficial in a very good manner. Therefore one can able to receive various benefits on training yoga. Yoga is a wonderful exercise that is been practiced by various group of people. There are some groups of people who try to underestimate the yoga because it is a traditional way of practice. But they are losing the beneficiary results in practicing up yoga. Yoga is trained by well trained professional teachers and guru. Therefore they know how to train the new comers and old students in the institutions. They are well ability in teaching yoga to their students at right way.

Oh the Hawaiian wedding. Perhaps every couple has thought of it. Is it possible? Do you and your fianci want to have a destination wedding? It is totally possible, but to each his own. It may not be the style for everyone and that is fine. Carry on with your dream wedding as you wish. It may include Hawaii, it may include a country style or other formal style. It is your wedding, and your opinion is what matters.

Ok so your wedding has come and gone and years have gone by. Blissful marriage, joyful marriage, marriage with mountains and valleys so to speak. Life has happened in your marriage. You and your spouse have stood strong regardless. Perhaps a special anniversary is coming up. Twenty years, twenty-five years, and so on. All of the five year marks after twenty seems to be pretty significant. (People like rounded numbers, numbers easily divisible by five it seems.)

Whichever year you are celebrating, you may find the thought crossing your mind that you would like to renew your vows. Renew your vows? “Why?” Your partner may ask. The comeback answer may be, “Well why not?” After a significant amount of time has passed, it may be nice to renew your vows say, on Hawaii!

When it comes to renewing your vows, there are two ways main thoughts that can support this choice. The first, is that a significant amount of time has passed and both you and your spouse find it nice and memorable to renew your vows. Current friends and family of course are invited to attend and it can be sort of like a family reunion or a big party reception afterwards. The other main thought here, is that a renewing of the vows is desired because perhaps the wedding the first time around was not what the couples wished it would have been. In other words, perhaps the couple eloped and not much family attended the wedding. Perhaps the bride or the groom was in the military and the wedding was rushed before a deployment and you did not have the time to plan out the wedding you so desired. The marriage certificate was signed, yes, but everything else that went with it simply did not happen.

No matter your reason for wanting to renew your vows, consider to renewing your vows on Hawaii’s island of Kauai. It is known as “The Garden Island” for obvious reasons. Whether at the water’s edge or in a flowering garden, there are ample venues when it comes to selecting the place you’d like to renew your vows on Kauai.

So you’re really excited about your big day and want it to be utterly perfect, but the problem is, you don’t exactly have much cash to spare. Don’t worry if this sounds like you, because I’m here to reassure you that you can have the wedding of your dreams without going over budget. What you need to keep in mind is that there are only three absolutely essential things for a wedding, and that’s the bride, the groom, and an officiant. If you remember this then it’ll help you keep things in perspective at each stage of the wedding planning.

The guest list: a really simple way of slashing your budget fast is by reducing the number of guests. Having an intimate celebration won’t make the day any less special, if anything, it’ll ensure that the people who matter most are there to see you at your happiest. It isn’t necessary to invite your third cousin twice removed, or various other long-lost relatives whom you only ever see at weddings or funerals. If you’re planning a wedding on a strict budget, keep your guest list to immediate family and your closest friends – that way you’re more likely to enjoy the day too.

The reception: your reception is probably going to cut in to your wedding budget the most out of everything. Save a great deal of money by having your wedding on a Friday or a Sunday and hold anything but a dinner party – brunch, cocktails, champagne and cake, or even a lunch time picnic will all help save you loads of money. You could even ask a family member to help make the food, saving unnecessary money on a caterer.

The dress: we women spend an awful amount of time dreaming of ourselves walking down the aisle in a beautiful wedding dress. In reality, wedding dresses are extremely costly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the perfect one. Try eBay or a second hand store for a designer gown at a fraction of the usual cost. Alternatively, many bridal stores stock bridesmaid dresses in ivory or white, and these are always much cheaper than a bridal gown, and what’s more, no-one will know the difference.

Wedding stationery: there’s a lot of stationery to consider when organising a wedding. You’ll need to send save the date cards, as well as wedding invitations and place cards for the reception. If you order your wedding stationery online, you’ll find some fantastic bargain prices; the trick is to order everything early and shop around to get the best deals.

The music: don’t waste money hiring a DJ for the reception; instead, make a wedding night playlist on your iPod and take that – it’ll save you loads of money, not to mention ensure the songs you want to hear are played, rather than the usual cheese, unless of course, that’s your preferred style.

Favours: whilst traditional, favours are not exactly necessary if you’re planning your wedding to a budget. However, if you do still want to give the bridal party something as a token gesture, bake some yummy biscuits and ice each person’s name on for a personalised, low-cost thank you.

You don’t have to scrimp on style if you’re planning a wedding on a budget. As long as you’re careful with the wedding budget and save money where you can, you’ll still have the wedding of your dreams without having to worry about spending the rest of your married life paying back the enormous loan you took out to finance the big day.

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Beautiful blonde bride with a bouquet of flowersTrying to save on charges paid to the wedding photographer may make you think that you will end up with ugly photos. However, that need not be the case, because on an average couples end up spending close to $3000 on wedding photography and you could easily reduce that amount to something more affordable. If you are unable to figure out how to find an affordable wedding photographer it is a good idea to try the internet as there are many articles and blogs that provide information regarding this subject. Let us look at how you can save on cost of wedding photography without compromising on quality.

Figure the budget on photography costs

It is always great to know and decide on how much you can spend on the wedding photography. If you have a small budget then you should avoid the very expensive photographers. It will be a good idea to look for someone who is maybe a little outside your price range and negotiate the amount to fit your budget. If you are looking for affordable photographers then you can look at those who are just starting out in the profession and also photography students. In this case it will be a good idea to check samples of their work before you decide on hiring them. This is because you need to make sure that they don’t botch up your wedding album due to lack of experience. In conducting this research you may be surprised by the high quality of work of some of the inexperienced photographers.

Book it early

Most vendors providing services for weddings provide a discount if you book them in advance of the big day. It is always possible to find a wedding photographer who will give you such a discount. Look around to see how much discount you can get in this case and how far in advance do you need to make the booking. This will help you to get the best possible price.

Try digital photography

Much of the cost of wedding photography is in the printing and arranging your photos in an album. Instead you can ask your photographer to give you a digital package which will save on the costs of the printing and album making. This is not only a convenient method it will save you hundreds on the wedding photography costs.

Plan ahead and reduce time

If you pay your photographer only for the main wedding ceremony the cost will be much less. You can hire a professional photographer for the main ceremony and rely on friends and relatives to cover the other occasions before and after. Even during the ceremony you can post a friend with a digital camera to take some candid shots. This will mean the professional photographer spending much less time and also save you money. Such innovative ideas can be learned from professional wedding planners like Wedding Forward.

Refer a friend

Usually photographers give you a discount if you refer someone. You can look around and check if anyone you know is getting married and refer them to the photographer for a discount.

When you are about to create the perfect wine bottle label, do keep in mind these key aspects:

1. Remember that images you use may have royalties, copy written protections, and other such restrictions on them. It is best to use an image that you have taken yourself, or that someone you personally know has taken. Ask the photographer for permission to reprint their image. If you can, get it in writing that you in fact have their permission. Again, it may be best to use your own photos. If you are not much of a photographer, perhaps it is time to brush up on your photo skills!

2. Keep in mind quality. Think of the resolution of the photo and imagine how you’d like it to be displayed on the label. Are you planning to have writing over top of it? Think about the placing of the words and the color of the font that will best contrast over top the image. Or maybe you want a more subdued look; more monochromatic. A black label with a bolded maroon font overtop of it.

3. The type of photograph is a big deal. Is the image you are wanting to use, an image of people? Friends? Family? Maybe a pet or a scenic landscape? When you make custom photo wine bottle labels, you are helping create the mood for when the wine is to be enjoyed. Will you post a picture of you and a friend enjoying a glass of wine? Or will you take a more sophisticated look with a winery scenery in the background of the text.

4. Think about the colors of the photo you are going to use on your wine bottle. First think of what wine this label will go on. A red? A rose? Or maybe a white? Think on the backdrop of the color of the wine and pair it with something appropriate. Envision the entire finished product with your professionally looking label.

On the same topic of which image and what colors to use, think of online tools that you can use to edit the photo you wish to use. Perhaps a black and white lens will make the photo more fitting to the look you are trying to achieve. Sephora is another look that may enhance and give you the color scheme you are trying to get. Play with it! Change it up and edit the photos you have license to use.

Pictures are ways we can keep memories fresh in our minds. Pictures are wonderful keepsakes and they make for great, meaningful gifts as well. Here are different ways to turn pictures into gifts:

1) Calendars
There are some great online tools to turn your pictures into calendars, that can then be enjoyed all year round. You can have one for yourself, and gift others to your relatives. Family portraits make for great gifts and a calendar is a practical way to gift the pictures.

2) Frame
Just frame it! It is the classic way to gift give, especially around mother’s day, father’s day and even grandparents day. Have your picture(s) printed and frame them in an appropriate frame that fits the dicor of their home. Try and be thoughtful about their styles when it comes to the frame.

3) Canvas
To build off of the topic of framed pictures, consider other mediums for the photograph to be displayed. Canvas, metal printed, and other backdrops can display your photo. There are even wood transfer type of techniques to display and share your portraits. All shapes and sizes of these mediums make for modern and conversational ways to display your photos.

4) Label
Ever thought to make your own label? You can make custom wine labels with photos online and have them shipped to you to apply to the bottle. This is very memorable, fun, and a great way to share pictures with friends. You are sure to keep a copy and so will your family and friends.

5) Drinkware
Another classic: the photo mug. Do not look down on the photo mug, for this is yet another way to share a memory and recall it often. Online site allow for you to create photo mugs where the photo is printed on the mug and it is completely dishwasher safe and everything. Add writing and change the fonts too, if you’d like. This is a popular way to share photos.

6) Books
If you are needing/wanting to share mass photos, consider a book. This also could be called an album, but photo books are becoming more and more popular. Photo books are created, organized, and put together all online. Albums relate more so to printed photos that are then placed into an album with clear slots. Whether it be a book or an album, bound pages with photos are a nice way to share the images and therefore the memories with others.

The Lake District has always been a popular destination for weddings and honeymoons; even Gail and Joe McIntyre went there for their “honeymoon” on Coronation Street this year. But what makes the Lakes such an ideal location for these memorable events, and how easy are they to plan?


There are many forms of accommodation available in the Lake District, from campsites to luxurious hotels; although if you need to get glam for a wedding, a campsite probably is not the best idea. In the ITV programme The Lakes, the Langdale Chase Hotel is highlighted as one of the most popular wedding venues in the area due to the amazing views[1].


A stunning backdrop is available in more places than a secluded beach in Hawaii; the Lake District offers the perfect place for a wedding or honeymoon with the added bonus of convenience. In fact, this is truer than ever with the current flight restrictions due to the volcanic ash cloud over some of Europe. Cumbria Tourism has said that hotels were seeing a 35 per cent increase in bookings from 2009, with couples due to honeymoon in Rhodes and Egypt coming to the Lakes instead[2].


The landscape in the Lake District is breathtaking, which is sure to add to the majesty of your wedding or honeymoon. Imagine pulling up in a classic car or horse and carriage, whilst taking in your surroundings. To retain your air of elegance you might want to remember an umbrella, as the weather can be quite changeable; you wouldn’t want to spoil your outfits!

But how easy is a wedding or honeymoon in the Lakes to organise? Like any wedding, it can be as complex or simple as you make it, but if you don’t want the hassle you could always hire a wedding planner. If you want to live out the reality of showing up in a classic car, remember to ensure classic car insurance is included to keep your mind stress-free on the day.

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